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International healthcare company
1200 Employees

Fresenius Kabi Austria is a healthcare provider that specializes in developing, producing and selling infusion and nutrition therapy goods. With its broad product range, Fresenius Kabi has become a leading supplier for Austria's hospitals and non-clinical institutions.

Because CRM Champ is a cloud solution, our sales reps can always stay-up-to date with our clients. The software helped us connect our business departments.
John Doe
CEO at Infinity

For Fresenius Kabi, there was a high need to improve the company's sales processes to ensure a timely provision of the right medical goods at the right place. The company struggled with a lack of transparency in their customer visits and had limited ability to track tasks, proposals and customer communication. Thus, Fresenius Kabi needed to find a central system for everybody to collect all the information and use it more efficiently.

CRM Champ helps us track leads all the way through the sales funnel. By automating administrative tasks, CRM Champ allows us to be more productive and provide best customer service.
John Doe
CEO at Infinity

Fresenius Kabi now implemented CRM Champ to make appointments, prepare proposals, set tasks and manage the firm's entire sales pipeline. Sales reps use the CRM sales software to get an in-depth look into their data, ranging from sales meetings to sponsoring activities. All relevant information is directly transferred to proposals, invoices and order confirmations, which are then sent to the appropriate contact via email.

Features like communication tracking, opportunity management and sales reporting brought transparency and accountability to the company's sales process. This led to less time spent searching for information, and more time focusing on the firm's core business.