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Trade journal & job portal for catering and hotel
44 Employees

Founded in 2003, Rolling Pin Media Group is one of the leading special interest media companies in Europe. Having its own trade journal, the company also organizes stunning events, awards and career trade fairs.

The easy-to-use ticket system is very appealing. CRM Champ has inspired greater event organization and has also empowered our team to manage a faster event check-in.
John Doe
CEO at Infinity

Chefdays is a Rolling Pin event that represents Austria's and Germany's greatest food symposium. As the event organization for Chefdays 2017 started, Rolling Pin was looking for a way to sell and create personalized event tickets, and to ensure a faster event check-in. Furthermore, the company needed a database to manage their event reminders and customer communication.

CRM Champ keeps us more organized, especially when selling event tickets and interacting with our customers. We've experienced a fast improvement in how we run our events.
John Doe
CEO at Infinity

The integration of CRM Champ's ticket system into Rolling Pin's website has helped the company capture buyer data to simplify the entire event organization. Once a customer has filled in the contact form, the data is stored in CRM Champ's database where invoicing and ticket generation are automatically administered. With a QR-Code on each event ticket, CRM Champ has accelerated the event check-in without causing high costs for expensive scanners - the registration is simply done via smartphone. Rolling Pin can now use smart mailing lists to send out event reminders and marketing newsletters to all customers.

Using CRM Champ, Rolling Pin could improve the firm's event management and establish an additional, cost-efficient sales channel. Moreover, this has led to lower risk of fraud and increased customer satisfaction.