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Small-sized HR consulting enterprise
9 Employees

Menschen im Vertrieb is Austria's No. 1 sales consultant, providing recruiting, training and consulting services. Every consultant has years of experience as managing directors, sales directors and sales persons in various industries, so they understand the challenges of hiring professional sales talents.

CRM Champ is an intuitive applicant management solution that helps our team of professional consultants to easily manage every touchpoint with every applicant.
Mag. Hans Bachinger
CEO at Menschen im Vertrieb

Prior to implementing CRM Champ, the MiV team was using multiple stand-alone solutions to publish job advertisements, manage applications and CVs and selecting the right job candidates. Not only did this approach take too much time and effort, but those different tools also offered very little insight into MiV's recruiting process. Thus, the main challenge was implementing a system to manage the entire process, from applicant search, to collaborative applicant selection and automated applicant communication, in a more organized and transparent way.

CRM Champ ensures that our consultants have the information they need about applicants and job advertisements at their fingertips - independent from time and place.
Mag. Hanna Bachinger
Project Manager at Menschen im Vertrieb

Once MiV decided to go with CRM Champ, the company was able to easily set up a recruiting process customized to its unique requirements. The efficiency of the firm's recruiting process has developed to a constantly improving figure that allows the team to have confidence in finding the right candidate for each sales job. MiV also makes good use of CRM Champ's integration with the company's job portal through which candidates can easily manage their applicant profiles by themselves and their data being automatically updated in the CRM Champ applicant database.

Thanks to CRM Champ, Menschen im Vertrieb now has a much clearer understanding of which candidates are at what recruiting stage, how many tasks are still undone and from which sources most of their candidates come from. CRM Champ helps MiV to stay organized and serve their customers best.