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Health Association
22,000 Members

Founded in 1992, UEG, or United European Gastroenterology, has become one of the most comprehensive non-profit organisations of its kind in the world. UEG combines all the leading European societies concerned with digestive health, of which more than 22,000 specialists are working across medicine, surgery, paediatrics etc.

CRM Champ makes it easy for our organisation to track thousands of members and make sure everyone reaches their educational objective.
Kevin Harrison
Lead Developer at Infinity

As UEG continued to grow, the association began looking for a more technology-driven solution to simplify the management of its members and training courses. The organisation didn't have any advanced tools, but managed every detail in excel files. As a result, lots of time and effort were wasted searching for documents, participation lists, training details etc. Furthermore, UEG also struggled with the location-independent exchange of knowledge and was unable to check each member's learning outcome.

Most of our days were consumed with administrative tasks. Now that CRM Champ has been implemented, we have all necessary information in one place.
Rob Sanders
UX Designer at Infinity

Today, UEG uses CRM Champ to manage its day-to-day tasks. Everything from registering and reviewing candidates for the participation at UEG training courses, to email newsletters and online learning is done through CRM Champ. Key features like contact management and eLearning have completely transformed UEG's day-to-day workflow. With a few clicks, UEG gets a complete picture of the organisation's members, completed training courses and education status. The CRM Champ eLearning tool helps UEG evaluate the specialists' level of knowledge, while also giving its members the flexibility to take a course from anywhere, at any time and adapted to each individual's learning speed.

Since first implementing CRM Champ, UEG has become a unique platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange. With their data now centralised, UEG is able to disseminate knowledge within a matter of seconds and provide training courses tailored to members' skills and learning goals.