CRM Champ success stories

Thousands of smart businesses use CRM Champ sales software

A new way to training and education

Global non-profit organisation uses CRM Champ for managing its training courses and participants. Based on an innovative eLearning tool, members of the organisation expand their skills and know-how adapted to a person's individual daily routine and learning speed.
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Before CRM Champ, we struggled with an inefficient system of Excel spreadsheets. CRM Champ helps our health organisation to manage and track our members and clients with ease, and to connect people globally.
Kevin Harrison
Lead Developer, ESPGHAN
Being able to manage our members and trainings with just a few clicks was one of the biggest factors for choosing CRM Champ. Different mailing lists and appealing newsletter templates allow us to address our members in a highly customizable way.
Doris Reyes
Lead Developer, ESNM

Better recruiting with our job database

MiV partners with CRM Champ to improve HR processes, from creating job advertisements to selecting right job candidates. Based on an interface between the firm's job portal and CRM Champ software, new applications are automatically processed.
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CRM Champ is the perfect solution for any recruiting team seeking an efficient way to organize the entire hiring process. The software has both reduced our administrative effort and assisted us in finding the right candidates for each job.
Carl McCoy
Developer, Hill International
CRM Champ gives a quick and detailed overview about applicants and jobs. The system makes it easy to follow the different steps in the recruiting process, from interviews to the final selection. It's easy to handle, straightforward, and it's affordable.
Robert Jensen
UX Designer, f-Personalagentur

Great support to event management

Rolling Pin chooses CRM Champ to manage Austria's and Germany's greatest food symposium. By creating QR-Code tickets with CRM Champ's ticket system, Rolling Pin is able to sell customized tickets online and realize a faster event check-in.
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With CRM Champ, we have been able to institute a simple process to manage further education and training of our local authority staff. CRM Champ provided us with an interface where we can manage our courses, and the issuing of certificates.
Arthur Williamson
Account Manager, Gemeindebund Steiermark
CRM Champ has been a stellar solution for us to manage our trainings and participants. The system allows us to work with all customers, without switching between multiple tools - we love the convenience that CRM Champ brings.
Emma Black
Product Manager, CTC Academy

Powerful sales for healthcare business

Big data insights boost revenue and sales activities for international healthcare company Fresenius Kabi. Sales reps are able to manage doctor's visits via App or smartphone and make every detail, from sales to sponsoring, transparent.
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CRM Champ Dashboard provides an immediate overview of your sales process to ensure you don't miss any important deals. Our sales team loves to work with it, as we can easily access all necessary materials within a matter of seconds.
Arthur Williamson
Account Manager, Novartis
CRM Champ helps to save time, so you can focus on pushing opportunities through the sales pipeline. It is a great strategic tool to deliver superior value to customers and organize numerous sales and sponsoring activities.
Emma Black
Product Manager, Sandoz