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Introduction to CRM Champ

Welcome to CRM Champ! This Quick Start content provides you with basic information about the most essential tasks to help you start working with your CRM Champ account.



System Configuration

In CRM Champ, data is categorized into modules, which provide division-related information (e.g. Contacts, Sales, Finance). Between each module a certain relationship exists, so records from one module can be automatically accessed by another module. For example, when creating an opportunity, it can be directly linked to a record from the contact module (contact profile) to build up a sophisticated, interlinked database for your CRM and sales activities. View all features

CRM Champ Basics

1. Home: Click the CRM Champ Logo on the upper left corner to access your dashboard.

2. Account Settings: Click the user menu tab to change your profile settings, get help or log out.

3. Dashboard Menu: Click on the dashboard menu buttons to (from left to right) create a contact, view last comments, go to contact search, or to access the software manual.

4. Comments: Click on the speech bubble to see latest comments

5. Quick Search: Enter keywords into the search bar to search for information about opportunities, contacts, appointments etc.

6. Navigation Bar: Click on the module tabs to access individual features.

7. Quick Links: Click on the individual quick link buttons to execute specific tasks.

General Settings

All general settings to your various modules and features have to be defined in the 'Administration' menu. Here, you enter so-called master data that represents the basis of your CRM software, ranging from users and user rights, to the definition of contact groups, opportunity phases, products, etc.

Furthermore, the administration function offers you the possibility to customize your CRM Champ account by adding custom fields or new sections to your dashboard, contact profiles, opportunities, and tasks.

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Support Resources

CRM Champ Manual: CRM Champs' manual is a collection of articles which provide in-depth knowledge of the software features and implementation procedures. Enter your search term into the search bar, and learn how to get most of your CRM Champ account.

CRM Wiki: Visit our CRM Wiki to understand the basic CRM terminology

In-depth Feature Videos: Our CRM Champ video tutorials offer a very quick practical look at specific features, and explain in detail how to use them best.