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Extend CRM Champ features with several Plug-Ins and Interfaces to boost productivity. We offer a wide range of integrations complementary to sales to make the most of your entire CRM process.


Manage your contacts and mails even without any internet access. The BusyContacts Plug-In helps you to sync your CRM Champ contact lists with your Apple address book, so you can find all relevant data of your customers in one place. By using tags and color schemes contacts can be easily categorized and screened. Besides contact details and emails, the BusyContacts' activity list also includes the latest messages via WhatsApp, Skype, MSN, as well as recent posts on Facebook, Twitter and Co.

Increased flexibility and better preparation of customer meetings - from anywhere!

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BusyContacts Plug-in


Via CalDAV interface your CRM Champ calendar can be synced with each device. Effortlessly schedule sales meetings with your smartphone and get notifications for next appointments directly on your tablet.

CRM Champ enables the calendar synchronisation with both Outlook and Thunderbird, as well as with all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, MacBook).


Sync your email accounts to CRM Champ for a seamless communication with relevant stakeholders.

Your different mail folders can be directly linked to individual contacts, projects etc., so you can manage everything in one place. Mailing templates and an own newsletter widget are offering new ways to engage with customers effectively. Our easy-to-use newsletter editor makes creating appealing emails that look good on every device simple and fast. Use different newsletter lists to create customer segments, and divide your stakeholders based on their interests, past purchases, locations etc., so you drive better results with personalized emails. 


CRM Champ integrations with BMD and RZL help you to focus on your sales tasks while automatizing your quoting and billing procedures.

Everything from your financial data (revenues, expenses etc.) to working hours and salaries of your employees can be managed through the interface between CRM Champ and the accounting softwares. Based on the invoices and time recordings created with CRM Champ, relevant data can be easily exported for the further processing and payroll accounting in BMD and RZL.

Telephone System

Turn your calls into deals with the CRM Champ telephone integration!

By connecting your telephone system with CRM Champ sales software you can easily communicate with customers and provide better support services. Based on past purchases, email communication or notifications from your colleagues at one place, you can quickly check your customers' profiles and respond to them instantly by offering a personalized solution.