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CRM Champ Dashboard

When you log in to your CRM Champ account, you are immediately taken to the Dashboard area. It provides users with quick access to relevant information or common tasks, and enables you to make profound business decisions based on an at-a-glance visual data presentation. As the CRM Champ Dashboard is fully customizable, you are provided with an overview of data that matters most to your daily business tasks - no matter if you would like to view opportunity funnels, your to-do list or upcoming meetings.


Quick Link Buttons

With the quick link buttons, you're able to build your own personal overview, and to perform specific actions with a single click from the dashboard interface, e.g. a click from CRM Champ Dashboard on the 'next task' button could provide you with a detailed report on important tasks scheduled for today.

Dashboard Notifications

You can easily share important information with your colleagues by creating dashboard notifications. New messages will immediately be visible on your employee's dashboard to ensure everyone is kept in the loop about the latest developments. Sure, notifications can also be limited to user groups (marketing, sales, project management etc.), contact groups (suppliers, customers, business partners), and news categories (customer meeting, birthdays etc.).

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