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How to import contacts?

For importing contacts in CRM Champ database, you can either use CSV oder Excel files. Complete the following steps for a successful contact import.

1. Preparing your CSV/XLS File

Before importing your contact data, make sure your CSV or XLS file is formatted properly. Follow our checklist to make sure your data is ready for CRM Champ.

  • Make sure you only use a file with one worksheet. If your file contains multiple worksheets, only the first one will be imported.
  • Make sure your worksheets are free of formattings
  • Formulars can't be imported
  • Each contact should be written in a separate line
  • Just leave unused fields empty, e.g.  if the contact should not be linked with any company name, leave the field "Company" empty
  • Try to write your contact data as uniformly as possible
  • Avoid unnecessary spaces and special characters
  • For reasons of clarity, the first line of your worksheet can be used for column headings. But make sure that only the first line is used for headings, as only this one can be ignored for data import.
  • For contact groups, mailing lists or industry sectors, multiple columns can be created
  • Don't use commas for the definition of contact groups.
    WRONG: Marketing, Sales; RIGHT: Marketing and Sales

2. Upload your CSV/XLS File

To import your data, click on the down arrow next to the menu button 'Contacts'. Then click on 'Import contacts".

3. Organize your data

Choose your CSV/XLS file from your computer and select the contact group to which your contacts from the file should be added.

Note: If your contacts should be assigned to different contact groups, do not mark any contact group yet.

After uploading your CSV/XLS file, you have to undertake various settings:

  • Ignore first row: Should be marked, if your first line only contains basic information
  • Duplicate check: Duplicate contacts are recognized if either last and first name or the email address match an existing contact
  • Create needed contact groups: If your CSV/XLS file contains new contact groups, they are created automatically in your CRM Champ database
  • Every column of your file can be assigned to the appropriate fields in CRM Champ