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How do I connect my email?

Integrating your email account enables you to track communication with leads and customers right within CRM Champ. For a better handling of your everyday business, you can also link your email directly to projects, contacts etc.

1. Create global email accounts

To integrate your email, you have to create global email accounts in CRM Champ. Click on the down arrow next to the menu button 'Administration'. Then click on 'Global settings' - 'Global email accounts'.

2. Enter Account Data

Enter your email data including your email address, user name, password and server. After saving your settings, check your connection by using the appropriate checkmark.

3. Link your email accounts to projects, contacts, etc.

For linking your email accounts, e.g. to contacts, you have to add the "Email" module to your contacts' profiles first. Then, choose your email account and click the relevant folder you want to set as standard folder.